Home Workout Schedule

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Home Workout Schedule

Do you want to be like the other 25 + million Americans that work-out at home? Staying in shape doesn’t have to happen at the gym, you can do it in your own home, and at little cost too.
Creating a home workout schedule doesn’t mean it has to burn a hole in your wallet, you can build a program that suits your needs without the need for expensive equipment or weights.
Going to the gym can be tiresome in itself. A lot of people, after a hard days slog at work can feel lethargic, yet they somehow persuade themselves to go to the gym. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be better if you could go home, relax, eat, spend some time your family and pets (if you have any) and then workout, instead of having to travel in the cold to workout.

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Cancelling your gym membership will save hundreds of dollars a year, so start now to create your own personal home workout schedule. It can be a quick workout, or an hour-long session, it’s up to you.

home workout schedule
Whether you are using weights or not, here is a home workout schedule that you could use:
Arms and shoulders:
– Shoulder press. Using dumbbells and a bench or chair; hold two dumbbells parallel at shoulder height and push upwards in a slow and controller manner until your arms are fully extended and then move down. Try to do 10-15 reps.
– Triceps dips. You can use a dip bar, or alternatively use a bench, bed or chairs to complete this exercise.
– Bicep curls. Holding your dumbbells, start from around your waist and lift or curl the dumbbell towards you. Remember to control your movements in order for this work.
– Press-ups. Aim for as many as you can manage. If you have never done a press-up before, simple lay on the floor, face-down with your hands at shoulder-width apart, and push-up and down. This exercise helps build strength in your core and shoulders. Although it is a good arm workout, it is also a good all-round body workout too.
– Calf raises. This exercise is great for building strength and muscle in your legs. Calves are often forgotten about and they be quite difficult to build muscle on. So, work hard!
– Squats. Great for building all-round strength, including your thighs. These can be done with or without weights, or with a medicine ball.

Abs and core:
– Planks. Similar to press-ups, in that it requires you to get into a similar position, but instead of pressing, you tense. Rest on your forearms and genteelly tense your body to work your core. This exercise is considered a better way of getting ripped abs than doing crunches or sit-ups, because they can cause injury to your back if not done correctly. Planks are an easier way to get an amazing six pack.
– Sit-ups. This is a simple to-do exercise that can be difficult to master. Remember to make sure you are performing this exercise correctly. Ask a friend to hold your feet if you have to.
– Jumping jacks. Jump up and down whilst moving your arms from your sides to above your head.
– Burpees. Start in a press-up position and do one press-up, get up and do a jump, and repeat. It might sound easy, but this exercise will get you working. It might be best to do this exercise early on, just to make sure you doing it correctly, as it is very tiring.
– High knees. It is essentially jogging on the spot, but keeping your knees high and your arms moving at all times. This intense jogging exercise will get your blood pumping and muscles moving. A must have to start your workout with.

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