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Focus T25 Workout Program

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T25 Workout Program

t25 workout

Instead of mindlessly slogging for hours at the gym with no proper outcome, a more suitable alternative would be to follow workout programs that provide a full intensive body workout in a matter of minutes. For those who are too busy to maintain a 45 minute or an hour long workout every day, the program packs all the benefits of a full length workout into a 25 minute, strenuous yet refreshing routine. These workouts are designed to hone in on every single body part and produce a routine that does not stick to spot reduction, which could be harmful in its own way. The T25 workout series product by fitness enthusiast serves to do just that.

The workout is designed in such a way that it focuses individually on a single part until it gets fatigued before it moves on to another core muscle elements. In this way, it ensures that every muscle fiber gets a meticulous workout that will definitely leave you gasping for air. The T25 review alleges to leave you dripping with sweat in 10 minutes and completely done in 25.

The results of this intensive program depend on the starting point, the amount of effort put into maintaining a daily routine and a proper diet. The T25 review is that its a rigorous full body workout in 25 minutes with zero rest and focus interval training works every muscle group in the body. The workout program comes with workout calenders, 5 pound B-line resistance bands and a five day fast track guide.

Program design

The T25 program comprises of 10 different 25 minute workouts. The Alpha stage is for beginners who are just starting out, can be of any age and have different levels of fitness. It includes five workouts like

Alpha Phase : 

Cardio : Includes 25 minutes of muscle screaming, sweat drenching cardio that burns calories at a dynamic pace.

Total body circuit : This workout focuses on increasing the strength and resistence without having to resort to conventional weight lifting.

Speed 1.0 : For a quick, fast paced workout that burns fat and calories, this one is designed for the task.

Ab intervals : Works on burning the fat and improving muscle concentration at the abdomen level

Lower focus : The key to improving metablism is by focusing on the lower body muscles using this workout program.

Beta Phase :

After 5 nail biting weeks, the switch to the Beta phase can be made which contains another set of 25 minute workout videos that is not suited for the faint hearted. They are :

Core cardio : This progressive and brutal core cardio workout aims to get those muscles shredded quickly.

Speed 2.0 : The successor to the Speed 1.0 which kicks to up a notch to speed intense, core focused workout drills.

Rip’t Circuit : The key to full body workout for a fantastic bod lies in following the cycle of cardio, upper body, legs and abdomen before repeating the cycle.

Dynamic Core : This blood pumping workout serves as a core routine to get the person to shift from vertical to horizontal in seconds before reverting to the original position.

Upper focus : This routine focuses on getting those dreamy upper body muscles with intense focus.

An additional stretch workout is provided to be followed after 5 days which serves as a relaxation compared to the drill routine the person has to endure. Click here on the link to read more about the focus t25 workout program

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Shakeology Review – What Does it Do for You?

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Shakeology is a well known meal replacement shake. But the question that people have been asking, is does it help improve your health or not? That is going to be for you to decide, but hopefully this article will help make the decision easier.

How Does Shakeology Improve Health?shakeology reviews

People who have been doing the Shakeology program have claimed to have a pretty wide range of benefits. The majority of the effects reported include better digestion, and a overall better feeling. Shakeology has also claimed to help lower cholesterol, and blood pressure. But, what Shakeology is best known for, is helping people lose weight.

Now it’s possible that you might get all of the benefits, only some of them, and it’s even possible you won’t see any benefit. Everyone is different, and will therefore get different results.

What’s the Purpose of Shakeology?

Shakeology is best known as being a meal replacement shake. That means that instead of having one of your usual meals, you’ll replace it with Shakeology. This is beneficial for helping people lose weight, because a serving of Shakeology only has 150 calories. As opposed to what you would normally have, which would probably have at least 400 calories. Just by replacing that meal with Shakeology, you decrease your calorie intake by 250 calories!

Shakeology is also reported to reduce cravings for sugar and other kinds of junk food. I know this sounds a little far fetched, but this is what people say about the shake.

How much does it cost?

A bag of Shakeology is going to cost roughly $130.00. The bag will have 30 servings, therefore if you use it once a day, it should last you around one month. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “$130 is a lot for just one bag of Shakeology..” Let me tell you why it’s not expensive. If you think about the amount of times that you eat out every month, I’d be willing to bet it’s about 3-4 times per week. Assuming the average eating out costs you around $15.00, that means you’re spending $60.00 a week eating out. Multiply that by four, and you’re spending $240.00 each month eating out. If you replace those meals with Shakeology, you’re actually saving yourself over $100.00 dollars. It doesn’t seem so expensive now does it?


Shakeology is a great solution to help you lose weight and get healthier. And it could end up saving you some money along the way. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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